Trailer: Hysteria


So, if I read this trailer right, Victorian-era doctors in London that specialized in women’s issues basically did nothing but get ladies off all day and all night.

And Doc Brown wanted to go to the old west.

Hysteria actually tells the true story of the invention of the vibrator as a means to combat “hysteria” in women. For those unfamiliar, doctors used to think that sexual frustration was an actual disorder (hysteria) that had to be cured by massaging a woman’s privates to induce a state of “hysterical paroxysm,” which is fancy doctor talk for “c**ing like a freight train.” This film also features Approved Geoff-Crush Felicity Jones, so expect him in line for this movie days in advance. Hysteria is coming to theaters in the US May 18th, having already released in most of the rest of the world, and it’s OK not to censor it that time because I’m not actually using it in reference to orgasms ha ha.

[Via Yahoo! Movies]