Trailer: Hysteria


I always wondered what it was like for doctors during the times when people actually believed in “female hysteria.” Did they suit up for work every day, sighing, dreading their upcoming eight to twelve hours of finger-banging unruly ladies? Did they talk about it at the dinner table? “Oh, Mrs. Johnson has quite a horrible case of it. The poor woman has to come see me three times a week! She screams and thrashes quite a bit; it must be terribly painful for her.” And on the side of the patients, let’s be real: if I lived in a time where nobody knew that the female orgasm was real, I would be pretty hysterical, too.

Hysteria tackles this troublesome time in history, right around the point where doctors start getting sick of their carpal tunnel and looking into mechanical assistance. Of course, batteries were not really a thing at this point, so the results are closer to whisks and hair dryers than The Rabbit. It looks like it could be a pretty cute comedy, and I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is adorable and am looking forward to seeing her in a movie about vibrators.

The trailer is mildly NSFW due to ladies having orgasms, so you might want to wait until you get home unless your work is all about vibrators.

[Via /Film]