Trailer: I Declare War


When I was younger and played outside with my friends, we would always imagine up stories that we should follow. There were so many intricacies to our plot lines that, to this day, I still have no real idea what the hell we were doing. Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson’s I Declare War replaces kid’s fantasies with the real thing.

The core plot of I Declare War is that a couple of kids are pretending to shoot each other in the forest. It’s simplistic, but it’s the entire package that grabs me. The imagery is pretty striking (children are “shooting” each other with AK-47s and one kid is covered in “blood” at one point) and these child actors seem to be doing a splendid job. Nothing bothers me more than a terrible, terrible child actor (I’m looking at you, Lipnicki). Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a set release date beyond a showing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Someone please tell me I’m wrong about this. Please. I really want to see this.