Trailer: I Melt With You


Above is a trailer for I Melt With You, a film which possibly contains the most handsome ensemble cast of 40 somethings ever seen. Directed by Mark Pellington (who directed the severely underrated Arlington Road), I Melt With You stars such hunks as Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven and some guy named Christian McKay getting away from their everyday lives to take part in drug-fueled mid life crisis that spirals completely out of control. It also stars Sasha Grey, meaning it is susceptible to suffer from what I like to call The Grey Curse (ex: Entourage, The Girlfriend Experience, porn). Distributed by Magnolia, the film will see a VOD release on November 4th and a theater release on December 9th.

Does anybody else have Modern English’s “I Melt With You” stuck in their head just from reading the title? God I love that song.

[Via Hulu]