Trailer: Iceman 3D


Donnie Yen is going to have a crowded 2013, with three films coming out this year: the big-budget fantasy movie The Monkey King, the crime/martial arts yarn Special Identity, and Iceman 3D, a remake of the enjoyable 1989 film The Iceman Cometh, which starred Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, and Maggie Cheung.

Iceman 3D centers on a frozen Ming warrior thawed out in modern times. He dukes it out against another unfrozen man from his era. (This was obviously the first and superior draft of Eugene O’Neill’s play The Iceman Cometh.) The film also stars Baoqiang Wang, Shengyi Huang, and Simon Yam.

No word yet on a release date. After the cut I’ve included the trailer for 1989 version of The Iceman Cometh.

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[Trailer] 急凍奇俠 ( Iceman Cometh )

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