Trailer: Identity Thief


Melissa McCarthy deserves to be in more things. Not just as a rough ancillary character like in Bridesmaids, but a leading lady. While she’s sort of funny in CBS’s Mike and Molly, she’s more subdued in that show. I love seeing her act in a such a goofy way…which is why this trailer for Identity Thief is hilarious. 

Identity Thief is about a man named Sandy (Jason Bateman), so the movie will probably stem a lot of its jokes from the man with a girly name, whose identity is stolen by Diana (Melissa McCarthy) who goes out and spends all of his money. Sandy then wants to hunt her down and then shenanigans happen. 

I just couldn’t stop laughing. Not at what Jason Bateman does or any of the jokes really, but for the use of Rick Ross’s “Everyday I’m Hustlin” coupled with McCarthy’s big goofy hair and facade. I’ll be keeping an eye on this when it releases February 8th next year.