Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis

Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - Coen Brothers

A new trailer dropped today for Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest from the Coen Brothers. Like the red band trailer from a while back, this trailer has a lot of deadpan humor and dry delivery. I’m not quite sure what to make of these trailers, however, since they seem a bit drab and subdued. The personality of the movie, whatever it may be, isn’t quite coming through.

Inside Llewyn Davis chronicles a week in the life of the title character as he wanders Greenwich Village in 1961. The film received some good reviews at Cannes and it’s the Coen Brothers, so it finished film probably has a lot more to it than these trailers let on.

Inside Llewyn Davis will be out on December 6, 2013. In the gallery we have two new still from the film.

Hubert Vigilla
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