Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis (Red Band)

Inside Llewyn Davis - Red Band Trailer - Coen Brothers

Here’s a new red band trailer for the Coen Brothers’s Inside Llewyn Davis, and it’s pretty similar to the previous trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis back in January. There’s some new and different snippets of footage slipped in, though many of the lines and beats from the first trailer are intact. The film stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, F. Murray Abraham, and Justin Timberlake. Oh, and a cat, whose name should be Banjo.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Inside Llewyn Davis follows a week in the life of a young folk singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Guitar in tow, huddled against the unforgiving New York winter, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles — some of them of his own making.

Inside Llewyn Davis will be screening at Cannes. It will open on December 6, with a wider release on December 20. In the gallery is the Cannes teaser poster for the film.

Hubert Vigilla
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