Trailer: Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious 2 Official Trailer

As someone who didn’t like Insidious, I’m probably the last one who should write on the first trailer for Insidiou2 (or Insidious: Chapter 2 if you want to refer to it by its real name). So does this trailer do anything to make me look past part one? Absolutely not. 

Insidiou2 starts where part one left off or something. The entire cast is back in business, but the sequel hopes to flesh out the father more this time instead of focusing all the attention on the creepy kid. There are a few creepy things in the trailer, but none of them look particularly interesting, but maybe if you were a fan of the first one you might like this? Look, I’m probably going to watch this for James Wan. I need to see what kind of guy is going to be handling my Fast and Furious films from now on. 

[via Apple]