Trailer: Ironclad


Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of Ironclad until this trailer came across my desk, but it’s sure as hell on my radar now. If there are two actors I can’t get enough of in cinema, it’s Paul Giamatti and Brian Cox, both of which have significant roles in Ironclad. I’m also a really big fan of seeing dudes get impaled by swords, so that’s a plus. If you couldn’t tell from the trailer, Ironclad is a medieval action epic. Set in 1215 around the time the Magna Carta was signed, the film tells the story of the siege of Rochester Castle by King John, played by Giamatti. James Purefoy plays the lead character Marshall, a Templar Knight who takes up arms in attempt to defend the castle with the help of Baron Albany (Cox) and others. 

Really even if this flick is a total stinker, at least you can sit back and enjoy two fine actors at work in Giamatti and Cox. 

[via FirstShowing]