Trailer: Jack and Jill


So this is it. Adam Sandler has finally reached the point in his career where all he’s got left is drag. It happened to Martin Lawrence, it happened to Eddie Murphy, and now it’s happened to Canteen Boy. Adam Sandler plays both halves of an identical brother/sister pair, where the man, Jack, is a straight shooter in Hollywood, and Jill is crrrrraaazay. She rode a waterski in a pool! That’s not right! How delightfully absurd!

Also, speaking of “nothing left to work for,” Al Pacino is really not going quietly into that good night. I sometimes wish he and Robert De Niro had died in a plane crash right after Heat. We’d have missed Donnie Brasco and Wag the Dog, but we wouldn’t have had to see the two finest actors of their generation decay into nothingness.

[Via Collider]