Trailer: John Carter


As a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Barsoom novels, I’m pumped to see this movie. As a fan of Andrew Stanton, I’m pumped to see this movie. Hell, as a fan of science fiction, I’m pumped to see this movie. That said, Disney’s churning this thing out in March, well out of the way of all the summer fare. On top of that, there’s basically been no press for this so far. We had an earlier trailer, a couple of stills, a bit of concept art, and this new trailer. This isn’t quite being left to die in the Dead Sea that is January and February, but the weird early March release date, coupled with my perceived lack of support of the film from Disney doesn’t inspire confidence. If they can capture the pulp-y spirit of the original novels, which were basically Cowboys vs. Indians in Space, I’ll be a happy camper.

Best case scenario, Disney’s got something special on their hands that they don’t know how to handle. Worst case scenario, it’s X-Men Origins bad. Either way, I’m going to be checking it all the hell out when it releases March 9th.