Trailer: Juan of the Dead

Exclusive: Debut Trailer of JUAN OF THE DEAD! Cuba's 1st Horror Film!

Name for me, if you will, a zombie buddy comedy that turned out badly. Actually, if you can think of one, keep it to yourself; I like to think that this genre is untouched by mediocrity. Juan of the Dead is a Cuban film about two dudes who fight off hordes of zombies, and it looks pretty awesome. If the title didn’t give it away, this looks like it’s taking a page out of Edgar Wright’s book. I’d say it’s like a foreign Shaun of the Dead, but I guess Shaun of the Dead was a foreign Shaun of the Dead. Unless you’re Xander, of course. Then it was just domestic.

Either way, this seems like it will be a lot of fun. Seriously, check out the last shot of that trailer. They sunbathe after watching a building explode. That is sweet. I can only hope that this movie is as awesome as it seems.

[/Film, via Latino Review]