Trailer: Kick Ass 2


A new zip-zap-zoom fancy trailer for the hyper-violent, hyper-curse-word nonsense sequel to Kick Ass has hit the webs. The trailer shows off more Jim Carrey funtimes while also teasing some detail bits about the main villains. We’ve also got some of the emotional groundwork laid down, with Hit-Girl dealing with her father’s death and her promise, along with some shots of some of the film’s action sequences. It’s all rather flashy really, with some attractive females thrown in now and then.

I thoroughly enjoyed the original Kick Ass and this sequel looks to be in the similar vain. As a fan of the comics, however, I understand they’re probably not going to go as dark as Mark Miller’s twisted comics. I expect the tone to be same but some of the events to shift. Still, however, Kick Ass 2 looks to be a decapitation-filled blast.