Trailer: Killer Elite


If you weren’t completely clued into the rampant action explosion that Killer Elite is going to be by its cast and its first trailer then mayhap this second trailer for the film will finally reveal to you just how much of an action movie’s action movie this action movie will be… action movie. Since they confirmed the epic cast and epic action sequences already this trailer confirms the epic amount of cliche action lines that will be featured in the film.

If you haven’t started yet, I suggest thinking up a drinking game now because this movie plus some shots might be the greatest experience of your life. It shouldn’t just stop at taking a drink every time someone says a line that’s been uttered a thousand times before in other action films. No, you should drink every time you think Clive Owen’s mustache is going to come to life and eat him. Or every time Jason Statham goes shirtless. I’m guessing most people playing the Killer Elite Killer Drinking Game (©) will literally be dead by ten minutes in.

Start buying the booze now for the film’s September 23 release.

Matthew Razak
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