Trailer: Killer Elite


Dark lighting! Kidnapping! FRONT FLIP CHAIR SLAM… ATTACK?! All of this takes place in the first 30 seconds of the debut trailer for the action-packed film, Killer Elite. Starring Jason Statham, Clive Owen (donning a terrible mustache), and Robert De Niro (with an equally terrible beard), the film looks to be so full of action and awesome, the testosterone is just waiting to escape from my body. And if you’ve previously read Alec’s initial post on the film, you’ve already expelled some of that bodily fluid.

Based on the novel, The Feather Men, the film is about an assassin (Owen) who kidnaps Danny Brice’s (Statham) mentor/father figure, Hunter (De Niro). Of course, he’s not having it as he hunts the assassin down to free Hunter and kick tons of ass in the process.

There are explosions, nut punches, and facial hair. This might be the manliest movie ever released when it hits theaters on September 23rd.