Trailer: Killing Bono


Chances are that you clicked on this trailer because you really like U2 or really hate U2. Let’s be real: it’s more likely the second one with a title like this. Unless this is a very bizarre cut of the movie, however, this movie is not actually about killing Bono. The plot focuses on “the true-ish story” (to borrow a quote from the narrator) of two brothers who form a band in Dublin at the same time their high school friends are starting U2, and how they deal with being completely passed over while U2 rises to fame.

This seems like the typical band-rises-to-fame-and-then-breaks-up-once-famous deal, except that the band in question never rises to fame in the first place. It could be interesting to see how they do it without the inevitable emotional scenes where the rock stars are yelled at while shooting heroin about how they’ve abandoned their families and love lives and such for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Maybe they all quietly move on with their lives and talk about that band they had in high school, laughing about how silly it was while silently wondering why they never experienced the excitement and fame their peers were privy to.

Or, you know, they could all be semi-famous and still get into the whole being-yelled-at-for-copious-drugs thing. Either way.

[Via Apple Trailers]