Trailer: Klown


Just as I was about to write my trailer impressions, our lovely Managing Editor, Alex Katz, messaged me with this nugget of a quote: “I saw it and it’s absolutely vile and hilarious.” Big words. The trailer itself doesn’t reveal much in terms of plot, but it does hint at some of the shenanigans that will take place, mainly the lead character, Frank, constantly losing sight of his nephew, Bo.

The IMDb synopsis reads: “After making a wrong move, resulting in his brother-in-law falling off a ladder, Frank must take care of his nephew Bo and include him in an all-male canoe-trip, which was planned before the accident.” Given that this is the safe Green Band trailer, nothing too outrageous is displayed, but with all of the choice quotes sprinkled throughout the trailer, I’m hoping it lives up to it all.

Klown will be released on multiple platforms (theaters, VOD, etc.) on July 27th.