Trailer: Kokuriko-Zaka Kara


This is a brand new trailer for the Studio Ghibli summer release called Kokuriko-Zaka Kara. The movie is going to be an adaption of the obscure 1980’s manga of the same name. In typical Ghibli style, the main character is a young woman, and judging by the trailer, she’s having boy problems. Kokuriko-Zaka Kara is being directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro Miyazaki, who doesn’t exactly have his father’s experience in the industry.

I love Studio Ghibli movies. The fact that they are tireless champions of 2D animation is very important to me as I simply prefer that style of animation over others. However, one typical aspect of Ghibli movies that I think this trailer is sorely lacking is some kind of supernatural element. Maybe Goro wants to distinguish himself from his father? Maybe this trailer is too preliminary to accurately assess the movie? All I know is that I am deeply desiring a Ghibli film that has more conceptual layers than Ponyo.

[Via Bleeding Cool]