Trailer: Larry Crowne


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…Tom Hanks playing it safer than a Men Without Hats dance number.

Larry Crowne is Tom Hanks’s second foray into directing, after the criminally-underrated That Thing You Do!, from 1996. He plays a man who gets fired from his job for not having a college degree. So he goes to community college and, thanks to the new friends and loves he makes, learns a little something…about himself. It’s Community without the laughs.

I’m waiting for Tom Hanks to get into the “I just don’t give a f***,” point in his career. That’s going to be epic as all hell. He’ll start showing up randomly in A-/B+ movies, usually as a crazy person, and he’ll just start doing the same crazy schtick. Basically, he’ll be a classier Christopher Walken. The future’s going to be awesome.

[Via Deadline]