Trailer: Les Miserables


After that pretty awesome teaser trailer from back in May, there hasn’t really been new footage of Tom Hooper’s upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables. After seeing the new trailer, which features more than just Anne Hathaway’s singing this time (interestingly enough, the track of her singing “I dreamed a dream” seems to have changed from the original trailer), I realized something: this movie needs to just come out. There is not a lot of dialogue in Les Mis, which must make it extremely irritating for the people attempting to cut trailers. Instead of having a lot of awesome lines of dialogue to splice, they have to take musical and vocal cues. As evidenced by this trailer, that can be somewhat awkward.

I’m not really happy with the way they cut up “One Day More” (probably my favorite song in the entire show), and I wish they would just release a 5 minute trailer that took us through that. I want to hear everybody (the Thenardiers are now the only major characters who are still silent), and I want it unbroken. It was good to finally hear Russel Crowe’s Javiert, but I’m not really happy with that either. His vocal performance didn’t really fit in terms of the strength and urgency that the rest of the singers had in that song. As a first impression, he didn’t leave a particularly strong one.

The rest of the performances sound fine, but I think that without the full context of the song, it’s impossible to tell how things really are. I want to believe that everything’s going to be amazing. I really do. I want Les Miserables to be my favorite film of 2012. The first teaser gave me more hope for that than this one does. I’m not worried that it will be bad (with the talent behind it, I think that’s essentially impossible); I’m worried that it won’t live up to it’s potential.

Hit up the gallery for the first poster. I like it. It reminds me of the musical poster, which makes sense, because it basically is. 

[Via The Film Stage]