Trailer: Life of Pi


Looks like we have a new trailer for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, and before you become too perplexed at the random symbols at the bottom of the screen, it does have Vietnamese subtitles. There’s some new footage to be found here, along with some as of yet heard dialogue, and…Coldplay. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. It looks like we also have further confirmation of how closely the movie will follow the book, as we see an adult Pi Patel telling his story in flashback, just as he did in the novel.

I think this is the one film this Holiday season that I’m going to watch and either completely hate it or absolutely love it. I enjoy Ang Lee’s work — I, to this day, don’t understand why people didn’t like The Hulk — and am familiar with the source material, which I also enjoyed, but I have this feeling, this little nagging voice of doubt that says there will be no middle ground with this film. It will either be amazing, or it will get everything wrong. And I’m not a cynical person or anything, I swear! This is not how I typically feel about movies. I can only hope that come November 21 that little voice will shut up because it doesn’t know what the hell it’s talking about. Maybe it’ll stop telling me to steal other people’s shoes while we’re at it, knock on wood!