Trailer: LOL


So this is what it’s come to, huh Hollywood? You torment me with your endless parades of “Oh, James Cameron this!”, and “Maybe we’ll make a new Robocop movie” for years. But now you bring out the big guns. Touche, old nemesis.

LOL is the kind of crap I’d expect from this industry, but never believe it would actually come to fruition. It really looks like one of those fake movie-within-a-movie kind of deals. Here we have a bunch of teenage douchebags doing teenagery high school stuff because that’s what teens do. Honestly, I can’t tell any of the people apart; they all literally look the same to me. So Miley Cyrus breaks up with one guy with swept bangs and black hair who plays guitar, only to end up with another guy with swept bangs and black hair who plays guitar. Sure! Why not?

“Barfing out loud” has never been more applicable than right now. Well said Cecilia, well said.