Trailer: LOL


OMG, guyz. I loove Miley Cyrus so much! Shes like my hero, u know? & now she has a way cool nickname thats like what i say when i IM peeps and she laughs a lot so its funny! newayz so Miley is Lola (but every1 calls her LOL lmao) and shes in school but she wants to party. Her bf is a total manslut so she dumps him and goes out with a dreamy guy who plays guitar!!! I think she or her friend or something also likes their hot teacher but idk. Her mom is Demi Moore and she’s all like “Stop partying and get better grades LOL” except shes not laughing irl bc shes all mean and stuff. Then they go 2 Paris because OMG PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Its coming out this year and i cant waaaaaait!!!