Trailer: Man of Steel


Man of Steel - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

Just start the slow clap now people and let it build until Man of Steel releases in June of 2013 because if this new trailer is any indication of the brilliance going on then we’re in for a treat. Eschewing the big punches and explosions of most action film trailers this one focuses on the character of Superman, absolutely pulling you in before literally launching into space. 

It also subtly nods at the previous film’s perceived lack of success with the question of the world not being ready for Superman. The trailer is almost asking us if we’re ready for the last son of Krypton this time around since we evidently didn’t want him last time despite the fact that we were given an awesome movie. I can only give a resounding yes after watching this trailer.

Also, Henry Cavill is an attractive human being. 

Matthew Razak
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