Trailer: Man of Steel


Here we are, at the long-awaited debut trailer for Zack Snyder’s summer 2013 Superman origin story, Man of Steel. This time, Warner Brothers has actually released two versions of the trailer. Each features identical footage, but one has a voice over from Jor-El (Russel Crowe) while the other has the folksy wisdom of Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner). I put the one with Jor-El’s narration at the top, as I think that’s a better monologue and more in tune with what Superman represents. Poppa Kent’s monologue is basically just your usual origin story stuff. You can see the second trailer after the jump.

Not too much in the way of superheroics here. We get a single shot of Superman (Henry Cavill) flying across the sky, which does look really cool, and some shots of Clark Kent looking moody and in “finding myself mode” out in Alaska and on some fishing boat. 

There’s not too much to go on here, so I’m going to try and reserve my usually venomous judgement for everything Zack Snyder, considering that the Comic Con crowds went wild for the Man of Steel footage they saw. What do you all think? Which do you like more?