Trailer: Man of Tai Chi


We had a previous trailer for Man of Tai Chi, but it was all meant for the Asian market and subtitled. Who wants that crap? We want trailers pandering to us English speaking folk with text we can understand, damn it! Well, here it is. The international trailer for Man of Tai Chi

Actually, I think it’s a better trailer to be honest. It gives more of the plot, is less blurry and shows off the fighting a bit better. I’m still not so sure about Reeve’s directing, but he’s definitely using some cool tech to film the movie and since he’s got a mostly Hong Kong-based cast you know it’s going to at least have a few solid fights. From the trailer things are looking pretty brutal, even if the acting isn’t quite high quality. 

Man of Tai Chi will land some time in the fourth quarter of this year.

Matthew Razak
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