Trailer: Man of Tai Chi

2013 "Man of Tai Chi" official trailer

While this international trailer for Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, isn’t exactly the best quality (that might be attributed to its lack of domestic release date), it certainly does bring enough dudes getting punched in the face for none of that to matter. 

Although there’s only a small bit of English and small bit of plot, Man of Tai Chi already looks fantastic. It seems that Keanu’s character is holding some sort of fighting tournament in order to turn the peaceful “Man of Tai Chi” into a killer. And while that seems like a thin story, The Raid: Redemption (Iko Friggin’ Uwais is in this too!) has proved that all a film like this needs to succeed is to have great looking action. I hope this gets a domestic release soon beyond its stint in China.

[via YouTube