Trailer: Man on a Ledge


I hate Sam Worthington. I think he’s a charisma black hole of the highest proportions. I have not liked him in a single movie since Hollywood decided he’s the new action star to cram down our throats. At least Jason Statham, another black hole of personality, does a Crank movie once in a while to remind us that he’s an insane bastard. Worthington is starring in Man on a Ledge, which actually looks like a solid thriller with a Phone Booth-esque hook. This trailer MIGHT give a little too much away, but the basic premise is that he’s an escaped convict standing on the edge of a building, threatening to jump, but his apparent suicide threat may mask a secret. OooOOOOOoooh.

It could be worth a watch. I’m definitely going to have an eye on it.

[Via Yahoo Movies]