Trailer: Mardi Gras: Spring Break


Sup dudes! Are you like me and find that most films are severely lacking in alcohol abuse, sexual escapades, and a massive amounts of boobs? Well then we’ve got a trailer for you! It’s a trailer for Mardi Gras: Spring Break (because Mardi Gras:Winter Recess isn’t as sexy) and it has more of what you like. Do you love generic character archetypes? Well this movie has a virgin, a fat overconfident geek and a guy who’s whipped by his whore of a girlfriend! Poop jokes? This movie has a “feces bomb”, and I can’t wait to find out what that is. Celebrity has beens? This movie has Carmen Electra and she totally used to be something! The best part, however, is the film’s tagline “Boobs, Beads and Brews. What could go wrong?” Amen to that, brah.

I’m sorry, I can’t keep this up. Being this facetious is actually hurting my brain. Mardi Gras: Spring Break will be opening in theaters and surprisingly not going to straight to VOD September 23rd. Check the jump for the mind numbingly official synopsis.

For three college guys, it’s senior year and the co-ed experience has left them high and dry. Their solution: A road trip to Mardi Gras, where beautiful babes are happy to lift their shirts and open containers are always welcome. But after dressing in drag, breaking into Carmen Electra’s hotel room, starring in a scandalous sex show and accidentally exploding a feces bomb in a swank hotel lobby, will the Mardi Gras magic kick in and their wildest fantasies come true?