Trailer: Margaret


Margaret is the tale of a teen girl who distracts a bus-driving cowboy right before he runs over some lady. The girl takes it to mean that this is her fault, and tries to set things right. This doesn’t work too well, and she feels increasingly more guilty, lashing out against her family and friends. To cope, she makes out with her teacher, wears fancy dresses, and hugs her mom at dramatic angles.

With such a depressing theme, I like that they decide to start out the trailer as a teen sex comedy. Nothing says “I am ripping myself apart with my internal grief” like a good sex joke! Clearly, it was this teen girl’s hormones that killed a lady…in the form of a bus. A hormone bus, if you will. It is a close relative of the pheromone train. Choo choo! All aboard!

[Via iTunes Movie Trailers]