Trailer: Moneyball


[Update: my sports knowledge is Herping and Derping. I’ve fixed the mention of the wrong sports people.]

Ok, I know the bare minimum about baseball that I needed to survive playing Ken Griffey Jr.’s Basball on Super Nintendo with my father. Which is a decent amount, yeah, because that game was tough. Anyway, Moneyball. Based on the book by Michael Lewis, and featuring a script co-writtin by Aaron Sorkin, it tells the story of the Oakland As and of manager Billy Beane, who built the team based on computer-generated analyses of players. Interesting stuff, and the movie looks fairly compelling, even if this trailer suffers from “tell the whole damn story in the trailer” sickness.

Also, for you video game fans out there, Activision CEO and Spawn of Lucifer Bobby Kotick is apparently in this movie. That was more distracting than Jonah Hill in a serious role.

[Via First Showing]