Trailer: Monsters University

Monsters University - New Trailer - Disney Pixar Official HD

While you wait for the review of Disney’s other huge property releasing internationally today, maybe the final trailer for Monsters University will tide you over? Nathan Fillion (and others) were announced as part of the voice cast a few days back, and you’ll hear them here in full force. The trailer also gives us the full rundown of the film as it hearkens back to college party films of the 80s and early 90s. You get two rival fraternities competing in college games of some sort, a harsh dean, and all of the stereotypes are there. 

Although it looks and feels old fashioned and slightly boring, this all might work. If MU can pull off that nostalgic feeling, then I see it becoming another Pixar classic. If not, at least it’s not Cars 2. 

[via YouTube]