Trailer: Monsters University


While yesterday’s extended and extreme preview for Monsters University showed off more of the story beats, this new (made for the UK) trailer for the prequel tries to go for jokes (it still hints tells about Mike and Sully’s early rivalry). The key word is “tries.” There are a few noteworthy gags here and there (like the running slug bit), but I think I’ve seen them all before. There’s the “I don’t want to go back to jail,” the “too old to live with his mom,” the…running slug bit. 

Although I’m still going to give Pixar all of money and see this regardless, maybe a Monsters prequel wasn’t a good idea after all if there doesn’t seem to be a lot of unique material out of it. Who knows? Maybe this is just Pixar’s take on the raunchy college comedy. That might be something. 

[via Upcoming Pixar]