Trailer: MS One- Maximum Security


This is the same movie as Lockout, which we posted a trailer for last week, and let me tell you, this one is a lot better. You get a much better sense of the plot, the action, and of Guy Pearce’s character, which is throwing me a snarkier Snake Plissken vibe. Granted, he’s no Kurt Russell, but I’m digging.

The film, written by Luc Besson, comes out next April. It’s looking damn fine. Even if it’s kinda shlock-y and B-movie ish, I’m super pumped. It’s not to have some shlock in the larger sea of massive, high-profile releases coming next summer. The more important question here is why they had to change the title from the serviceable if uninteresting Lockout to the needless confusion of MS One- Maximum Security. You know what had a great title? Taken. One word, describes the central conflict of the story, very simple. Think about that, Luc Besson.

[Via Allocine]