Trailer: Ninja Kids!!!


You’ve got to give Takashi Miike credit for branching out. The man behind some of the most disturbing (and fantastic) modern Japanese cinema is not only taking over on what is sure to be a comedic romp with a film based on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but as the trailer above shows he’s also tackling the world of adorable child ninjas.

Ninja Kids!!! (the extra exclamation points are for awesome) is a film based on Nintama Rantaro, which, according to my quick Google search, is a long-running anime about a child’s martial arts academy. This means that the film too is a movie about children doing kung-fu and overcoming some sort of evil. Yes, it appears that Miike has somehow teleported himself back into American children’s films of the 1990s. All of Japan will be able to jump back to that wonderful time when the film premieres this July.

I still haven’t seen 13 Assassins and while Miike’s 3D remake of Harakiri, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai, wasn’t universally praised at Cannes I’m still tempted to check it out so I think this might have to settle for a third place seating in my Miike viewing line despite how damn adorable it looks. Hopefully I get to it before Phoenix Wright lands or I’ll probably never see this one.

[via Movie Line]

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