Trailer: Now You See Me

NOW YOU SEE ME - Trailer #2

Now You See Me is basically the story of David Copperfield…if Copperfield robbed banks and used extravagant technology (although we really don’t know too much about him now, do we?). A group of street magicians suddenly gain lots of popularity and then start openly robbing banks under the guise of a magic show. The first trailer was all about the magicians, and this one is all about the FBI (Mark Ruffalo and My Cocaine) trying to stop them. It also shows you what kind of film it’s going to be. 

At first I thought it was going to be a heist film with more character. You know, a film where the thieves are happy go lucky and you want them to succeed.. This trailer makes them look like jerks. I don’t want to root for jerks. There’s also a new crop of images in the gallery below. Now You See Me hits June 7th.