Trailer: Now You See Me


Now You See Me is going to be awesome. It’s got Jesse Eisenberg (that one awkward guy), Mark Ruffalo (that Hulk guy), Morgan Freeman (the guy that gets a new freckle every time he provides an explanation), Woody Harrelson (that weed guy) and Isla Freakin’ Fisher. They’re a magic troupe named the Four Horseman who rob banks during their performances while giving that money to the people in the audience. It’s kind of like Robin Hood, except it’s got Isla Freakin’ Fisher. 

I should note that I totes saw this trailer right before I saw Twilight 5. Did it put me in a good mood for the remainder of the three hours I sat there? I won’t say that. I’ve also thrown in 20 images for the movie so you can totally admire how Common is in another movie for some reason. Now You See Me hits theater June 7th next year.