Trailer: Our Idiot Brother


Remember those images of Paul Rudd with an awesome beard that surfaced sometime around Sundance? Well now we get to see that sweet beard in motion in the new trailer for Our Idiot Brother. On the surface, the trailer might seem like an atypical quirky indie dramedy that follows a dysfunctional family and is somehow connected to Little Miss Sunshine (either by producer or there was a grip who worked on the set), but this one is different because … well … it has Paul Rudd’s beard.

After watching this trailer, it’s sad to see that Paul Rudd is resorting to a obvious stoner caricature to counter his usual straight man. Not that I don’t welcome change, It’s just that Rudd’s “Ned” seems very obvious and uninspired; playing out like what a Republican thinks an habitual drug user sounds like. Still, I’ll reserve judgement considering that Rudd is one of my (many) man crushes and the supporting cast in this film is pretty strong.

As for the Rudd’s epic beard in motion: it’s an awesome beard, yea, but I’m over it. Right now I’m all about Rashida Jones and those funky grandma glasses.

[via /Film]