Trailer: Pacific Rim


In the spirit of full discretion I have to let all of you know that after seeing this trailer my nerd organ is 100% rock hard. Please don’t take offense, it just can’t help itself. In all seriousness, I was already unreasonably excited about this film with little more than a few blue prints and a viral site, and now it just seems absolutely inconceivable that I, as a fan of all things Guillermo Del Toro, should be able to temper my anticipation. Nay, for I have looked into the face of God and have beheld giant robots.

I don’t even feel the need to give a synopsis of the film! You’ve seen everything you need to in the trailer alone, and if you didn’t fall to your knees weeping in joy then you are obviously a far more balanced individual than I. You monster.

[Apple Movies via First Showing]