Trailer: Pain & Gain (Red Band)

Pain and Gain Red Band Trailer #1 (2013) - Michael Bay Movie HD

As someone who has never been a fan of Michael Bay, I’ve had to continually admit that his upcoming film Pain & Gain is looking like the first film from the director that I am actually excited to see. His other films are fun, but they’re usually mindless special effects bonanzas, and I tend to need a little bit more when I’m watching a movie. That’s not to say that Pain & Gain looks like a deep film or anything, because it definitely doesn’t, but it sure as hell looks pretty damn funny, and that just may be the ticket for Bay to win my esteem. This red band trailer is particularly fantastic, because humor is the best of bed fellows with curse words and violence. Oh, and let’s not forget Ken Jeong.

If your eyes are in need of more Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, there are also some new stills that can be found down in the gallery. Pain & Gain also stars Anthony Mackie, Rob Corddry, Ed Harris, and Tony Shalhoub, and will be in theaters come April 26th. 

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