Trailer: ParaNorman


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A new trailer for ParaNorman is out! Hooray! In case you forgot, the movie follows a boy who can see dead people as he tries to protect his small town from said dead people. The last one made the movie look pretty creepy, and I’m guessing it wasn’t terribly popular with the younger set, given how kid-friendly this trailer seems. Sure, there are still zombies attacking the town, but after seeing a teddy bear open its mouth to let a cloud of locusts fly out, it’s hard to be creeped out by zombies.

I’m hoping there are more ghosts in this movie. Norman is supposed to be able to see ghosts, but the only one we see in this one is his grandmother. Upon rewatching the old trailer, she’s the only ghost in that one, too. Maybe they’re keeping it a surprise. I’d certainly prefer more ghosts to zombies. They’re a bit played out at this point.

[Via MSN]