Trailer: Parental Guidance


I have a confession to make. As cheesy and lame as this trailer seems, I giggled more than I should have (Especially that slight commentary of Billy Crystal’s comedy). I straight up love me some Bette Midler. There’s something about her biting tongue and the way she she does that pointy head thing that always gets me. I can do without Billy Crystal and his blackface routine. 

Apparently, Parental Guidance is about some parents (Midler and Crystal) who have to learn how to raise kids again…or something. Look all I know is that because of The Wrestler and My Cousin Vinny, I will watch whatever Marisa Tomei is in because she’s fine lookin’. So sue me. Also, if this isn’t rated PG it will be the dumbest missed opportunity ever. Parental Guidance will be out Christmas/Non-denominational holiday Day.