Trailer: Piranha 3DD (Scream Awards Teaser)



The Spike Scream Awards (like any form of awards ceremony on cable) are a useless showcase of contemporary pop culture icons and the latest wares the studios are pimping out. Between Kim Kardashian blankly reading from a prompter and the Jersey Shore crew extending their fifteen minutes of fame (I assume they were all there), a quick teaser trailer for Piranha 3DD appeared. The teaser may promise “double the terror”, but the fact that it promises “double the D’s” is a claim I haven’t seen since I got “lost” in the back of the video store. Plus, between it taking place in a water park and Ving Rhames’s shotgun legs, I’m sure Piranha 3DD will manage to up the ante that was the Jerry O’Connell cockchomp of the first film.

Also, David Hasselhoff is in here. Don’t acknowledge it, just ignore him until he goes away.

[Via Spike]