Trailer: Planes


Despite our feelings on the nature of Pixar sequels/spin-offs, there’s no stopping the propagation of a franchise when it does nothing but make obscene amounts of money. From my understanding, that’s essentially the only reason why the Cars property continues to exist, though I’ll admit I’ve never seen the films for myself. Now it looks like Disney is taking their merchandising machine to the sky with Planes, which really does just look like Cars, but in the atmosphere instead of on the pavement.

Planes follows Dusty, “a small town dreamer who longs to enter the most epic around-the-world air race… despite his fear of heights.” I’m going to go out on a limb and assume he’s a crop duster, not that it’s relevant. Apparently this was originally intended to be a straight-to-video release, but Disney changed their minds and decided to go full tilt with the project. What’s especially interesting is that this is not a Pixar film, as the studio has, I assume, come to its senses and has decided to dedicate its time to more worthwhile work.

It’s also worth noting that this trailer was shown at the D23 Expo last year, so it’s technically not new. There is a theatrical trailer out on the horizon, however, and I’ll assume we’ll see it long before the film’s August 9th release date. 

[via Collider]