Trailer: Planes


My wife isn’t here to spread her Cars hate along, so I’ll have to fill in. Planes is a direct-to-video Cars spin-off featuring, you guessed it, airplanes. There’s nothing terribly offensive about this trailer, though the music makes me thing I’m watching the Blue Angels above a NASCAR event in Puddledunk, Alabama. Which is probably the effect they’re going for. What concerns me is that there is no mention of Pixar. Just the Disney logo. John Lasseter famously stopped Disney from churning out their mindless, terrible cash-grab sequels some years ago, so the lack of Pixar’s logo here is disheartening, because you know that, even with a crap franchise like Cars, Pixar is capable of doing something special. Even I hold out on the slim hope that Cars 2 will surprise me. Disney will treat this like any other direct-to-video sequel: churn it out and collect checks.

[Via /Film]