Trailer: Puncture


This unusual trailer for Puncture shares very little in common with the tone and subject matter of the film, which I saw at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. If you were to read the interview we posted with the film’s directors, female star, and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, I think from it you would be able to picture in your head what sort of film this is.

Puncture is a steady character study of a complex individual. It’s a grandstanding message film about corruption at the ground level of our healthcare industry. What we have in this trailer, however, is a pulse quickening adventure of a lawyer racing against time to survive a dangerous case where crime lurks to claim him from the shadows.

Puncture is closer to The Verdict than The Firm in how it presents itself, so don’t be fooled. If it’s the sort of mature, socially conscious movie you’re looking for, you won’t be able to tell from what you see here, a blatant attempt to lure people in with “psychological thriller.” The result will probably have audiences reacting negatively to a very different movie than they were led to believe they’d bought tickets to.

[Via Traileraddict]