Trailer: Puss in Boots


I sure love it when movies I liked have so many sequels that I start to resent the entire franchise for existing in the first place. While Puss in Boots was a fun character in Shrek 2, giving him his own movie really drives home the fact that all of his gags are, “Look, guys! I’m a vicious killer that also likes to do cute kitty things!” I mean, it was fun for his first appearance, he really is a lot better as a side character. Judging by the trailer, Puss in Boots is going to be more of the same for his character, except now he’ll have a female counterpart and a full 90 minutes of attention.

The plot, by the way, is that Puss needs to save the goose who lays golden eggs. Also, Humpty Dumpty is a character and he makes a prison rape joke. This is a little funny given another movie Humpty was in, but I doubt the target audience will get that reference. I have to admit, despite my cynicism, I did smile a little when Puss chases the little light around. Shut up. I’m only human.

[ComingSoon, via Yahoo! Movies]