Trailer: Rapture-palooza (Red Band)

RAPTURE-PALOOZA Red Band Trailer in limited theaters and on VOD 6/7!!

Rapture-palooza (with a newly minted hyphen) should be taken as is and nothing more. It’s a straight to VOD (with a limited theater run) comedy about the Rapture that happens to star lots of recognizable faces releasing around the same time as that other one

Well, at least this one has Anna Kendrick while the other only has Emma Watson. Wait…only? Let’s see. In a cute contest, I’d give it to Kendrick because she signs. But Emma Watson has that awesome Valley Girl accent in The Bling Ring. Eh, help me out here. Rapture-palooza has John Frances Daley, Craig Robinson, and Anna Kendrick, so this might be good for a watch on June 7th right?