Trailer: [REC] 3 Genesis

[REC] 3 Génesis Trailer oficial

If you’ve enjoyed [REC] and [REC] 2, you’ve no doubt been awaiting the release of [REC] 3 Genesis, a prequel that’s supposed to show the origin of the demonic rabies. This full trailer for [REC] 3 gives us a great look at the chaos to come. And, oh my crap, check out how that trailer ends. The movie opens in Spain on March 30, 2012.

Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró co-directed the first two films, though Plaza is helming this one on his own. He’s not using found footage for the entire movie, which should be an interesting break in the series. (I don’t speak Spanish, but one part of the trailer seems to address the absurdity of filming during dangerous situations.) Balagueró is directing [REC] 4 Apocalypse on his own, which is currently in pre-production. He may also break away from found footage when he shoots the finale to the series, though that has yet to be confirmed.

After the cut, we have a picture of the movie theater standee for [REC] 3 as well as Balagueró’s chronology for the films in the [REC] series.

[Via Twitch, Fangoria, theater standee via Bloody Disgusting]

In an interview with Fangoria last month, Balagueró said the following:

Part four is going to follow [REC] 2; it’s a continuation of that film and picks up immediately after it ends, while [REC] 3 Genesis takes place a little bit earlier, just a few hours before the first [REC]. It’s not what everybody thinks it is. To make a sequel of a successful movie is difficult, and comes with a lot of pressure. All of the movies in the [REC] series have the same budget, so you’re not really going to see big scenes of Barcelona full of zombies; they’re just not intended that way. There has to be a story that’s controlled and strong, and I think we have the right idea. I can’t tell you where [REC] 4 takes place because we’re still writing the script, but I can say that it is set in a very different environment. It’s not Barcelona, but a weird, apocalyptic setting. It’s somewhere different, and very new.

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